Sculpt Your Body in New York

Weight loss is difficult, especially as men and women age. Fat becomes stubborn and tends to form pouches on the abdomen, hips, and thighs, despite efforts to follow a healthy diet, exercise, and sleeping patterns. In 2015, the FDA approved SculpSure, a laser treatment to eliminate fat without having to make an incision.

This non-invasive treatment relies on a technology that targets fat cells and delivers hyperthermic temperature to the area. SculpSure working by emitting extreme cold temperature to shock fat cells because they are more vulnerable to cold temperatures than the surrounding tissue. Once the fat cell is shocked, it releases from your tissues and die over the course of a few weeks.

How Does Sculpsure Work?

At the same time, SculpSure’s application head sends heat into the skin so no adverse affect occurs rom the cold temperatures. It also reduces the likelihood of the patient experiencing any pain from the treatment.After the fat cells are destroyed, the body naturally expels them and leaves the treated area flat, firm, and tighter than it was prior to treatment. The treatment lasts approximately 25 minutes long and requires only one session, and patients can see results as quickly as six weeks and optimal results in as few as 12 weeks. The last also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin—two proteins that help the body maintain a healthy and firm appearance. There is no downtime needed post procedure. Patients can return right back to work and other activities following treatment.

Body Contouring with a Leading Expert

Dr. Rokhsar is a leading authority on laser surgery and non-invasive fat reduction procedures, and is fellowship-trained in laser surgery. He has experience in several types of lasers and can assess what the best mode of fat-reduction treatment will be best for the patient’s particular body. Call to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Rokhsar to begin.