Volbella Injectable Filler for Lip Enhancement

The face relies on the lips for symmetry and balance in order to have an attractive appearance, making it key to erase any distracting lines or lips that have lost their illustrious volume from years of aging. It’s inevitable the face will be confronted with genetic and environmental factors, such as the loss of elasticity and plumpness in the skin and lips, smoking, and sun exposure. To restore a youthful and hydrated appearance, turning to injectables may be a simple and effective solution for your cosmetic goals.


Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation with Volbella

JUVÉDERM has always been a reliable injectable filler, and now a new serum has been added onto its line of reliable lip contours. VOLBELLA is a hyaluronic acid-based filler that is designed to improve lips’ shape, improve volume, achieve symmetry, define Cupid’s Bow (the center points of the upper lip), smooth out vertical creases also known as “smoker’s lines,” and reduce the appearance of marionette lines, which go down the crowners of the mouth to your chin.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring element in the skin that can hold water and provide the skin with a hydrated and healthy appearance of moisturized and well-maintained skin. In addition to making the face more youthful looking, it also reduces the risk of creating deeper fine lines along the skin because it doesn’t along the creases to dry out. Instead, the face stays fuller and healthier looking without having to go under the knife. Although there are topical hyaluronic serums and creams available, injectables provide long-lasting results that require less routine maintenance to keep up with on a daily basis.

What Makes Volbella Different From Other Lip Fillers?

VOLBELLA is made with a blend of lidocaine and hyaluronic acid and formulated with cross-linking, which reduces the level of swelling and ultimately making it an ultra-smooth gel. The cross-linking technology is the secret behind the natural look, feel, and year-long results of the injectables. Not only is there less downtime with virtually no swelling or bruising, but the lidocaine anesthetic also assists in making it as pain-free as possible. Many patients are sent home with an ice pack to reduce swelling and create an ideal healing environment for the lips.

Am I A Good Candidate for Volbella?

For those who don’t wish to seek lip augmentation surgery or other more permanent cosmetic treatments, should choose VOLBELLA for its effective and natural appearance. According to a study, 98 percent of all patients who had VOLBELLA injections reported that the appearance in their lips had been achieved, providing consistent results. The new filler attracts and retains moisture, which is why the results last up to 12 months after initial treatment.

Symmetry is the key to achieving a beautiful, healthy, and youthful appearance. One trip to Dr. Rokhsar’s offices in Manhattan or Garden City will be all you need to receive a consultation to discuss your cosmetic goals, during which he’ll help guide you through the process. Creating a natural and balanced shape of the lips to align with the rest of the face increases the aesthetic value of a persons’ appearance and delays the effects of natural aging.


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