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Acne: Is It Only a Teenage Problem? Clear Up Acne and Its Common Misconceptions, Continued…

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A different kind of treatment that has shown significant improvement in cystic acne patients is photodynamic light therapy. The non-invasive acne treatment has shown effective results in controlling cystic acne and to preventing scar formation. After a light absorbing agent is applied to the skin, light or laser is administered to the area of treatment. When combined with the V-Beam laser, redness of acne and acne scars also dramatically improves.

Another non-invasive approach to acne treatment is Isolaz, a laser that uses Photopneumatic technology and a pore cleansing vacuum to extract dirt, blackheads and the problematic excess oil found deep within the pores. Isolaz’s broadband light reduces the bacteria within the pores and ultimately reduces redness immediately after treatment. After treatment, the patient is left with cleaner, more purified skin, and once the skin is relieved of acne-causing bacteria the skin will reveal a smoother surface.

Fraxel, fractional resurfacing, is a non-invasive laser treatment that works by emitting micro-damage into the skin in order to stimulate new, healthy collagen growth. Dr. Rokhsar also has extensive experience with the treatment of acne scars and has published the first report on acne scar treatment with fractional resurfacing. The proper care and treatment of acne is important to avoid scarring in the first place.

There are many common misconceptions that need to be cleared up before acne can be correctly treated. The most common misconceptions can seem harmless, but have the ability to cause serious damage to acne sufferer’s skin if blindly followed.

Visit tomorrow to find out the top myths and what’s really true!

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