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Beautify Your Eyes With These 12 Steps:

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The eyes require special treatment and care, whether it’s a lifestyle change or a cosmetic improvement, the eyes’ delicate skin should appear young. Wrinkles, bags, dark circles, and hooded eyelids do not flatter, but fortunately they can be treated with a variety of non-invasive treatments before taking the surgical leap. The following top 12 eye care treatments provide a wide variety of options for the everyday person who wants a refreshed and less-tired look that’ll last. Eyes are one of the first things to notice about a person, so it’s important to have bright and youthful eyes rather than tired-looking bags and wrinkles.

 1.      Beauty Sleep Is Real

Not enough sleep leads to stress, which triggers the adrenal glands that create an over production of the stress hormone, cortisol. Once the hormone is released, it stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Stress creates a chain reaction that is recipe for bad skin. Clinical studies have proven stress is the common denominator of many skin problems.

When you don’t get enough sleep, not only are you tired, but you physically show the signs of sleep deprivation with puffy, under-eye bags and dehydrated skin. The ideal amount of consecutive sleep is 6 to 8 hours in order to allow the body to get through the 5 sleep stages. During these stages, the cortisol and insulin levels help produce more collagen. During the fourth stage, growth hormones surge and tissue repair occurs.

 2.      Eye Cream Maintenance

Since eye skin is the thinnest skin on the body, it has the best opportunity for skin absorption of cream with rejuvenating effects. Creams are best absorbed by eyelid skin, however it is important to make sure that they contain the right ingredients for optimal eyelid skin health. Among key ingredients to look for are retinol, vitamin C, and growth factors.

Crow’s feet are eye wrinkles that should be treated with care because of the fine lines that form overtime from sun damage and squinting. Having a quality daily eye cream can help keep the delicate skin around the eyes younger and healthier looking for longer.


3.      Cover up: Sunglasses

Choosing eyeglasses with UV protection should be a top priority. It is crucial to protect the eyes, especially during peak sun hours of 10am to 4pm, in order to avoid eyesight damage, as well as sun damage to the delicate eyelid skin. Choose sunglasses with 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB ray protection. Different UV rays are specific wavelengths of light that emit their own sun damage at varying degrees. The color or shade of the lens’ darkness actually has nothing to do with the level of protection, so instead just focus on the percent of UV blockage.

4.      Puffy Eyes? Limit Salt Intake

Dr. Rokhsar suggests patients avoid salt during dinnertime because a salty meal right before bed will only make puffy eyes worse. Kidneys control water retention and release, and when there is a high level of salt, the kidneys will retain water in response, which results in bloating. The skin under the eyes are so thin, that once sodium levels are high and the body is at rest in the horizontal sleep position, the water will pool beneath the eyelids. By morning time there is a noticeable puffiness beneath the eyes because gravity redistributes water when lying flat as a direct result of the high-salt intake.

5.      Dark circles

Dark circles are another tired-looking feature nobody wants, and is often difficult to cover up with makeup. The claims that one cream can completely cure a person of dark under-eye circles are misleading because there are multiple causes for dark circles.

Another important cause of under eye circles is allergies or eczema. Rubbing the eyelid skin can cause darkening of the eyelids. Avoid scrubbing washes on eyelids. If a patient has seasonal allergies and suffers from itchy eyes, the daily intake of an over-the-counter antihistamine such as Zyrtec or Allegra may be the right answer.

6.      Thermage to tighten eyelids

One of the most well known treatments for tightening and lifting the eyelid, reducing fine wrinkles above the eye and reduce hooding eyelids that characteristically droop, is Thermage. Thermage uses radiofrequency technology to deliver heat into the lower layers of the skin and tighten internally. The skin lifts and smooths out wrinkles to renewal facial contours. Immediately after treatment, the skin may feel tighter, smoother and appear more youthful, and will increasingly tighten overtime because of the progressive collagen production. Results can last two years or longer depending upon the patient’s natural aging process.

Check in tomorrow for more eye-beautifying tips and treatments!

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