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Botox Is The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedure Out There, But What Else Can It Do Besides Wipe Out Wrinkles?

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Botox has been a reliable wrinkle reducer in the field of cosmetic dermatology for more than a decade. As medical technology improves, so does the amount of treatments available. Botox patients will stop overusing muscles that cause repeated micro-movements, which overtime, can cause undesirable results such as wrinkles, bulky calves, round faces, TMJ pain, migraines and hyperhidrosis. Dr. Rokhsar is an expert injector and has been interviewed on ABC’s Good Morning America for the use of Botox as a treatment for excessive sweating.

  1. Neck Bands: Using Botox to treat platysma neck bands is affective and provides patients with a non-surgical alternative solution to neck aging. Over time, the platysmal bands often become visible as thick, vertical bands running in a V-shape from underneath the chin, down to the base of the neck. This Botox neck lift can greatly reduce the appearance of wrinkling necks by tightening the platysma muscles responsible.
  2. Round Face: Botox injections can also be used as a safe and effective way to change the silhouette of a wider or rounder face. Those experiencing masseter hypertrophy, which is the enlargement of lower cheek muscles, can slim down their face without surgery or downtime. This effect can be further achieved by filling in the cheek bone area with facial fillers.
  3. Bulky Calf Muscles: Patients that complain of bulky calf muscles can shrink them down to a smaller size using Botox. Both men and women desire nice calves, and by reducing the muscle bulk, calves can be made thinner and longer. By blocking the nerves to the Gastrocnemius muscle using Botox, the muscle will decrease in circumference and change the shape to a slimmer, more attractive appearance.
  4. Chronic Migraines: Patients who suffer the debilitating challenges of chronic migraine headaches have also found relief with Botox injections into areas around the temples, forehead and neck. It works by blocking pain receptors found in nerve cells, which reduces muscle tension and nervous system strain.
  5. TMJ Pain: Botulinum injections not only have cosmetic benefits, but can also address medical conditions such as alleviating TMJ pain, the condition caused by the inflammation of your temporomandibular joint, which connects the mandible to the skull. Botox relieves jaw tension in the joint by making the muscles unable to contract unless necessary.
  6. Hyperhidrosis or Excessive Sweating: Hyperhidrosis is another type of medical condition characterized by excessive sweating. Sweating is a normal biological response to physical exertion or emotional distress, but when it becomes unmanageable, the effects of Botox can serve as a viable option. MiraDry is another FDA-approved treatment that treats hyperhidrosis with microwave electromagnetic energy to destroy sweat glands, resulting in an effective, long-lasting treatment.

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