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Breakouts Because of Bangs & Fringes

posted in Acne, Skin Care

Breakouts are some of the most inconvenient, embarrassing and annoying thing that can happen to your skin. It is the infamous skin condition that occurs when an overproduction of oil, also known as sebum, block pores and trap dead skin cells, causing irritation, redness and bacteria build up. Acne most commonly appears on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders and can lead to scarring.

Oil is the culprit, and when hair irritates the skin, it becomes easier for oil to become trapped beneath the forehead. Bangs or fringes hang right over the face, trapping oil and spreading it over the skin. Sebum is also used to keep hair from breaking, so each hair is covered with the acne-inducing oil. A way to avoid forehead breakouts is only using condition in the body of the hair and not the front where most of the oil tends to form. Understanding common factors for why breakouts occur is the first step into learning how to stop them! The top most common causes of acne breakouts are the following:

  1. Touching your face- Touching your face will irritate the skin and spread oil into areas other than the T-zone, which is where most of the facial sweat glands reside.
  2. Not washing your face- This helps no one, by not washing your face the spread of bacteria and oil continues and traps bacteria and dirt deep within the pores.
  3. Using new skin care products- The pH balance of your skin may not be used to certain products, therefore waiting for the skin to adjust or trying a different product is important to avoid further breakouts.

Dr. Rokhsar conducts one-on-one consultations with his patients in order to thoroughly access the cause of breakouts. He provides an extensive line of skin care products and treatments for his patients.

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