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Cold-Technology That Gets Rid Of Your Exercise-Resistant Fat

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Hate the cold? A procedure developed at Wellman Laser Laboratories at Harvard Medical School will provide you with more than a temperature change, but have actually developed the technology to melt away exercise-resistant fat with the use of a simple biological reaction.

The technology is based on research that has shown fat cells are more vulnerable to cold temperature than any other surrounding tissue. They began to observe children had dimples in their fatty facial cheeks when they ate ice pops, and when they investigated further, they realized it wasn’t just children, but fat anywhere on an adults body also reacted the same way to the cold.

CoolSculpting, also known as Zeltiq, is another effective non-invasive, FDA approved procedure that uses a unique technique for destroying unwanted fat. Extreme cold temperatures are emitted through cooling plates that suction the targeted area for an hour, during which time fat cells are turned from a soft to solid form. Literally freezing fat cells through prolonged controlled cooling, allows the body to naturally metabolize frozen fat out of the body. Results begin to show in three weeks with progressive improvements within four months post-treatment.

Patients with isolated pockets of fat, who just can’t seem to get rid of the resistant bulge, can now find solace in this non-invasive solution. This is especially difficult for post-pregnancy women who have had a natural build up of fat in order to carry a child to full-term, their abdominal muscles are weaker and have been stretched and some torn, which creates a slower recovery even with exercise and a healthy diet. Or even just for people who have a harder time than others, either because they are genetically susceptible to weight gain, have just lost a lot of weight and have a few trouble areas left, or because aging makes it difficult to lose the weight, CoolSculpting is an option designed just for them.

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