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Damaged Your Skin This Winter? Spring Into Healthier Habits

posted in Face Treatments, Skin Care

Cold winter weather affects your skin in several different ways. Understanding how your skin reacts to the cold can only help you avoid it happening again next season. Dry skin is the most common result of seasonal weathering. The cold air lacks humidity, which results in drying up the natural oils in your skin and losing moisturizer. The uncomfortable dryness can lead to an itchy cracking effect on the face, hands and feet. For some flaking and even eczema can be a result of the wintry weather.

Cold winds during the winter can also result in chapping and windburn. Staying inside to avoid the cold weather can be just as bad, Indoor heating systems provide dry air as well, causing your skin to suffer wherever you go. Winter weather not only damages healthy skin, but also worsens any preexisting skin conditions you may already have such as dandruff, psoriasis or eczema.

The key to keeping the skin healthy and free from cracking is moisturizing. Keeping the skin moisturized with a cream or lotion-based cleanser is the way to avoid worsening any skin conditions you already have, or creating new problems from yourself. For those that are 30 or older, it is important to also exfoliate the skin often before moisturizing. As the skin ages, it will need help to remove all the skin that naturally falls off on its own. Once the dead skin is removed, the moisturizer is applied and helps it to rejuvenate itself which will encourage healthier skin cells to produce.

Moisturizing with SPF in the daytime is also important. Keeping the skin protected at all times no matter the season is essential to good skin care. While being more active during the day, using a lighter moisturizer is an option, especially for mothers who tend to be running around more. Before bedtime, using a heavier, richer moisturizer cream works well because the skin absorbs throughout the night and also a petroleum-based and alcohol and fragrance free balm for your lips is also important.

Fellowship-trained Dermatologist Dr. Cameron Rokhsar specializes in cosmetic laser skin care. With offices located in New York City and Garden City, Long Island, Dr. Rokhsar believes in making himself available to treat patient’s medical and cosmetic needs.

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