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Don’t Be Discouraged By Ineffective Stretch Mark Cream: There Are Other Options

posted in Fraxel Laser, Stretch Marks

Stretch marks appear when deep layers of skin are stretched to the point that the skin’s natural elastic recoil fails causing deep damage. Unlike hundreds of misleading topical remedies which cannot penetrate stretch marks effectively, deep treatments are essential to affect the outcome according to cosmetic skin and laser surgeon,

Many people have been disappointed by creams that claim to have stretch-mark removal powers. The truth is, stretch marks need to be treated more seriously than a simple daily cream treatment. When a stretch mark occurs, whether it’s from pubescent growth spurts, pregnancy, weight gain, increase in muscle mass, oral corticosteroids, topical steroids, genetically caused hormonal imbalances, or adrenal gland diseases such as Cushing’s syndrome or Cushing’s disease, it needs to be treated uniquely. Each stretch mark depends on the cause, age of the mark, placement and skin type.

Stretch marks appear pink, red or purple at first because of broken blood vessels in the outer layer of skin which do eventually heal, but if left untreated will turn into silvery-white indented scars that become significantly harder to treat. They appear whiter than the surrounding skin because the stretching disrupts the dermis, where both collagen and pigmentation production reside. Their appearance is based on skin type, location, cause of scarring and how long they have been present.

Over the counter creams like Retinol and prescription creams like Retin-A are not effective for the treatment of stretch marks because they cannot penetrate deep enough to address the damaged skin. Laser treatments have become the best treatment for diminishing the appearance of stretch marks. The type of laser used depends on the state of scarring. The pulsed dye V-Beam laser is used to treat fresh red or purple stretch marks. The V-Beam emits a concentrated beam of light at a specific wavelength to destroy damaged blood vessels that cause irregular pigment.

The only type of treatment that is proven to effectively address deep, silvery stretch marks is Fraxel, a fractional laser therapy procedure. Once the Fraxel laser jump-starts skin cells into producing more collagen, fresh, healthy skin cells will replace the damage sites, creating a tightening effect.

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar is considered an international authority and pioneer in the science of laser resurfacing and has introduced the technology to various parts of the world including Asia, Australia and Europe. He was one of the first to introduce Fraxel laser technology to the United States after working with a prototype device for a year, making him the longest practicing Fraxel
Dr. Cameron K. Rokhsar, M.D., has instructed more physicians on the Fraxel laser than any other physician in the world. Dr. Rokhsar has been instrumental in the laser’s development and has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America as the interviewed expert.

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