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Don’t Get Burned

posted in Hair Removal

As non-invasive cosmetic procedures continue to skyrocket in popularity, more and more people are seeking quick and easy fixes to beauty dilemmas. Case in point: laser hair removal. Gone are the days of waxing, shaving, and using a variety of creams. Instead, in just a few sessions, we can permanently eliminate unwanted hair. Unfortunately, because this procedure has been so wildly successful, more and more businesses are offering it as a way to make easy money. These facilities offer unheard of deals and advertise their services all over media. Once inside, unknowing patients receive treatments that are not customized to their specific skin and hair type, and are given minimal amounts of instruction. What’s more, the treatments are performed by technicians, medical assistants, and other mid-level practitioners.

With this craze, I continue to get an increasing number of patients coming to me after poor outcomes at these discount “clinics.” From infections to burns, it’s always upsetting to me what happens to patients when valuable technology is used by people who aren’t educated or experienced in how to use it. People are left with extensive and often times permanent hyperpigmentation or scars. The risks simply aren’t worth the benefit of a cheaper treatment.

You’ll almost never find a deal that sounds too good to be true at my practice. This is because I use only the highest quality equipment, always verify that it is properly calibrated, ensure that my patients understand what is expected of them (such as to eliminate tanning 3 weeks prior to the procedure, as tan skin is at high risk for decreased treatment success and increased risk complications), and personally input the laser settings for each patient. I customize treatments each and every time instead of using a standard. I also perform all delicate or high-risk zones myself, and supervise any and all laser treatments in the office when I allow them to be performed by my extensively trained staff. These rigorous standards are why I don’t have patients with such horrific outcomes coming from my practice.

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