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Don’t Sweat it

posted in Hyperhidrosis

As summer in the city continues, it’s hard to forget just how hot it can get outside. Whether you’re in the subway, out for a walk, or working out, the body is constantly working to maintain ideal temperature. Part of this process is sweating. As the brain senses increasing heat, it signals sweat glands throughout the body to release fluid. As the fluid evaporates off the skin, it cools the body. However, for many people this process can be both embarrassing and troublesome. Many patients come to me with this complaint, known as hyperhydrosis.

These patients explain how disruptive sweating can be to their life. Instead of being a simple annoyance, it can become a serious issue: ruining clothing and creating awkward social interactions. Why carry deodorant around, constantly check your shirts, avoid buying anything tight-fitting, and worrying about odors when in less than 60 minutes you could ditch these worries for good? It is an investment that will pay off every day.

Deodorant does just that: deodorize. It does not stop the sweat, it simply tries to neutralize the scent. Antiperspirant helps some people, but can’t stop the process entirely and also can contain products many consider to be toxic. Many have benefited from Botox injections in the underarms, but these are temporary and can cause some discomfort from the needle.

That’s where Miradry comes in. Miradry is focused energy delivery to the dermal-fat region of the skin where sweat glands reside. This creates an energy zone that stays localized to the sweat glands level and causes cells to undergo thermolysis, or programmed self-destruction, at about 55 to 60 degrees Celsius. Throughout this process, the MiraDry cooling system keeps the epidermis and lower tissues unaffected. Once the sweat gland is destroyed, it is incapable of regenerating. What does that mean for you? No sweat!

The process itself is simple. There are no incisions, no cuts, no down-time! The entire procedure takes no more than 60 minutes. 50-60% of my patients see results immediately. 90% see results after 2 treatments. And “results” doesn’t just mean a little bit less sweat, it means being worry-free about shirts and smells.

MiraDry has yet to be FDA approved in the hands and feet. However, I continue to offer Botox and Dysport for these areas.

If you’re interested in Miradry, visit their website at, or learn more on my site by clicking on the Miradry tab to your left. As always, I’d love to discuss the procedure with you in person, and you’re welcome to make an appointment to come see me by calling (212)-285-1110.

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