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Facial Care: Morning vs. Night Continued

posted in Face Treatments, Skin Care

Your face needs special kind of attention at different times of the day. Your skin’s needs will be different in the morning than they will by the end of the day, whether you were running around with kids doing errands or at work, breaking a sweat at the gym, or all three; you are going to need to treat your face right.

Going out for a drink after work, or attending a night out dancing and laughing over dinner is a time when you want your skin to look its best. If you can’t make it home before you go out, make sure you carry cleansing wipes in your purse and wipe the dirt and old makeup off your face to let it breathe. Although wipes aren’t as good as your regular face washing routine should be the hypoallergenic, fragrance-free labeled ones are great for mid-day care. Dermatologists recommend avoiding using wipes around the eyes, simple water and follow up with an alcohol-free toner is great to remove residue or smeared mascara.

Night-time care may be the most important time to take care because you’re lying for hours on end. It would only be damaging to your skin if it’s unwashed with clogged pores and dirty crevices. Focusing on products that nourish and repair the skin is key during night because the body’s cells are already naturally being replenished with nutrients and are regenerating. Beauty sleep isn’t a fairy tale, it’s a real magic during night. During sleep cycles, the body takes its time to repair each of its systems and muscles, making it an invaluable part of your skin care routine.

Dr. Rokhsar provides his patients with a line of skin care products along with expertise skin health advice. As a fellowship-trained dermatologist, he has extensive experience working with all different types of skin, and understanding their home health skin needs.

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