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FDA Tightens Up Antibacterial Soap Requirements: Does Your Soap Make The Cut?

posted in Skin Care

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A new rule has been proposed from the Food and Drug Administration to require manufacturers to conduct clinical trials on the safety and efficacy of antibacterial soap. Up until now there has been no clinical evidence to prove which soaps are the most effective at killing germs off your hands or eliminating bacteria off of your kitchen counters. Antibacterial soaps are staples in, not only the common household, but also in schools, doctors’ offices, the workplace and even grocery stores.
What soaps prevent contagious illnesses better than just plain soap and warm water? Are you really buying antibacterial soap that works better than a generic mild soap? The FDA isn’t just trying to quantify and label the strengths and weaknesses of certain soap brands, but they’re also trying to ensure all of the antimicrobial soaps don’t do any long-term disruption to hormone levels such as the thyroid, estrogen or testosterone. The FDA finds that the power antibacterial soap has because of constant exposure and use to the everyday person should be evaluated and the everyday consumer should feel reassured once they know exactly what they’re rubbing into their skin on a daily basis.

Companies have to comply by September 2016 to either change their label or formula. People shouldn’t keep soap out of their shopping carts until compliance day though. Washing your hands with soap (preferably liquid) and warm water for at least 15 to 30 seconds can dramatically decrease the chances of spreading or receiving infections and other germs year round. Washing off dirt and other grime from your hands can help you and your children protect yourselves from spreading germs and irritants to your eyes, mouth and other orifices. It’s important to always keep a good hygiene routine throughout your day-to-day lives and take special care to make sure children are following an appropriate cleaning routine, as their immune systems aren’t as strong as an adults.

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