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FDA’s Approval of Ulthera Treatment for Turkey Neck

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The patented Ulthera device can perform non-invasive brow lifts and facelifts, and has now been FDA approved to treat sagging neck skin. The device utilizes ultrasound technology to administer waves of heat into the deepest layers of the skin. The sound wave targets the tissue layers that could only previously be as effectively treated with surgery. The precise, micro-focused heating and vibration of the dermis and deep fibromuscular supporting layers of the skin stimulates collagen production. Through the skin, the waves damage microscopic sections of skin at a time, which the body responds to by creating newer, tighter tissue structure for the skin.

Anyone who is aging is at risk of developing the “turkey neck”, the name so affectionately coined for the sagging of excess skin under the chin and along the neck. Factors that can speed up developing turkey neck are genetics, sun exposure and smoking.

Another cause besides aging skin can be excessive weight gain. The double chin that develops from pockets of fat accumulating beneath the chin can cause the turkey neck effect. Losing a substantial amount of weight can also result in excess skin and a sagging neck because the collagen from weight gain stretched the skin, losing its elasticity and natural structure. There have been exercises, creams and invasive surgeries that require weeks of downtime, but none have proven as convenient with such expedient results as Ulthera.

Using Ulthera, also known as Ultherapy, as a non-surgical option to perform a neck-lift will provide virtually no downtime. Some patients experience some swelling post treatment. The connective tissue begins to immediately tighten, showing visible results in 30 days and taking up to six months to fully respond to the treatment.

Dr. Rokhsar has been using the patented Ulthera device since 2009 to perform non-invasive brow and facelifts, and due to a recent FDA approval of Ulthera to treat the neck, he can treat that tough to tame turkey neck.

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