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Foods That Will Naturally Enhance Your Skin’s Complexion

posted in Skin Care

Food should not only be looked at as a way of nourishing the body, but as medicine. The food you eat holds different vitamins minerals, or lack thereof, making it important to know what exactly you’re doing to your body. Besides having the power to give you more energy, a leaner figure, stronger nails, and thicker hair, food has the ability to clear up your skin, tighten up your pores, and smooth out imperfections.

Here are a few foods to include in your diet:

Tomatoes:  A natural way to give your skin some extra protection from the sun. Harmful ultraviolet rays emitted from the skin can cause serious damage to your skin, but combining a daily serving of tomatoes with sunscreen protection can help block the burn from occurring in the first place. Tomatoes are full of lycopene, the phytochemical that makes tomatoes red will provide the skin the same red pigment and help eliminate skin-aging free radicals cause by dangerous ultraviolet rays.

Mangoes: This delicious fruit can help you keep some color during wintry months. They are full of carotenoids, a pigment stored in the layer of fat right beneath the skin. With a regular portion of mangoes, the pigment will seep through into your skin, ridding you of any washed out look the sunless winters may have caused. They are also rich with vitamin A and C, making it useful to treat pimples and acne because of its effectiveness to relieving clogged pores. Applying mango pulp directly on the skin before washing has also provided skin-clearing benefits.

Sweet Potatoes: Almost every restaurant that has french fries on the menu also offers to substitute sweet potato fries. This super vegetable is best consumed raw or baked in order to deliver all of the vitamin C it contains. Vitamin C has been known to stimulate collagen production, a key structural protein that when produced, will smooth out and even skin tone.

Almonds: Not only do almonds provide an appealing skin complexion, but because they’re full of vitamin E, they provide a defense against sun damage. Almonds can also quell mid-day snack cravings. Because vitamin E is an antioxidant, it will also help to keep your arteries free from dangerous free radicals, molecules responsible for aging and tissue damage.

Carrots: They have been known as the vegetable that’s good for your eyes, but they have excellent skin benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Because they provide plenty of vitamin A, they’re good for clearing up breakouts. Vitamin A prevents the overproduction of cells in the skin’s outer layer, meaning fewer dead cells left to clog pores. Vitamin A has also been known to reduce the development of skin-cancer cells.

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