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Getting Rid of Embarrassing Warts

posted in Skin Care


If you have a wart, you know all about the embarrassment, easy irritation and sometimes pain associated with its growth. Warts most commonly grow on the hands as skin growths as rough skin-colored, or dark brown, gray or black and are caused by a certain type of the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV infects the top most layer of the skin and usually enters in through an opening such as a recent cut, sore or crack. Warts are contagious and can be spread by skin-to-skin contract or even spread by something that the wart touched.
So, how do you get rid of them? How a wart is treated completely depends on its location, size and symptoms. The goal of wart treatment and removal is to not leave a scar behind, which can be more painful than the wart itself. People typically try over-the-counter products such as salicylic acid or nonprescription cryotherapy. Salicylic acid comes in the form of a paint, cream, tape or patch and softens the skin layers that form the wart, which can take weeks and even  months to rub off.  While cryotherapy is a very cold liquid that freezes the wart and destroy cells.

Dr. Rokhsar can perform cryotherapy in-office in order to effectively remove the wart, however it can be pain, it poses little risk of scarring. It is a brief application that only takes a few minutes. Most warts require one to four treatments with a one to three week gap in between each treatment. Post-treatment is minimum, a blister may form and pain can last up to three days but the healing generally takes seven to 14 days.

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