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Have Full Cheeks This Holiday Season!

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Due to the aging process, various places on the body lose fat, while other places gain fat. It’s a redistribution that could drive anyone crazy. As we age, the upper face empties and the bones beneath the skin become more visible, which can cause more prominent sagging and wrinkling. Fat decreases beneath the eyes and in the cheek area, which causes a hollow and shadowed appearance. Many people believe a facelift is the solution to a drooping or tired-looking face, but that’s not the case for everyone!

Filler injections utilize hyaluronic acid to literally fill in those hollow spaces and wrinkled lines. Full cheeks are a characteristic of youthful facial structure, and once it’s lost it can be replaced with the first FDA-approved filler designed specifically for age-related mid-face fat loss. Voluma XC is a thicker gel texture that is used to enhance cheekbones to restore balance in the face and lifts the loose, saggy skin that begins to collect in the chin area. It lasts for two years and, due to its natural acidic composition, it naturally breaks down in the body, which allows the patient to repeat the treatment in order to acquire a desired appearance. It’s a very tailored treatment, which can be modified by your dermatologist according to your cosmetic goals.

Voluma XC is part of the Juvederm family, which has been used for years to plump lips that tend to thin out throughout the years. Keeping the body hydrated and moisturized is another important step in maintaining a full and youthful appearance.

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