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How To Fend Off Cravings: Shrink Your Belly

posted in Fat Removal

For years, scientists have been trying to figure out why exactly you’re craving a pickle or piece of chocolate and it’s all you can think about having. A craving is a hard thing to resist, and according to studies, when men give into those cravings, 85 percent of them are satisfied while only 57 percent of women find satisfaction to giving into their cravings.

Why do we crave? It is thought to be a signal the body is giving to the brain that there is a nutritional deficiency going on, whether it’s lacking enough iron or magnesium. For example, you may have been craving steak all day because you’re lacking in the iron department. Or when people crave chocolate, it may be because you’re low on magnesium. Test yourself to see if something besides the chocolate will give you a the fulfillment you need with foods high in magnesium such as beans, brown rice, avocados and raw spinach. If that bursts your craving bubble then your body is wired to give you signals of nutritional deficiencies. Craving something cheesy and high in fat? See what its most dominant nutrient is and look for a healthier substitute in order to satisfy.

Another problem a lot of people have with cravings is because of their diet plan. If you decide to completely cut chocolate, French fries and butter out of your diet because you think that’s why you’re gaining weight, you may be surprised what happens instead. Going cold turkey is never a healthy thing. Cravings are on a physiological and psychological level, which means you may have survived the entire day not having a bite of chocolate, but the next day you are overwhelmed with desire and wind up eating an entire bar! Instead, regulate yourself to a little every once and awhile. A strategy many nutritionists use with their clients is the scheduled splurge day. One day a week, typically on a Sunday, choose to eat whatever you’d like, within moderation of course. It’s a day to enjoy the foods you’re missing out on during the week. It’s important, however, to always ease into a diet or else you’ll most likely crash and burn.

Check in tomorrow to find out what to do about exercise-resistant fat!

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