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How to Shrink Large Pores

posted in Skin Care

Pores are the tiny openings in your skin that can become clogged by dead skin and oils. For every hair follicle you have you have a pore, however not all of them are visible. The average adult has about five million hairs on their body and maintain clean, healthy pores is important for keeping skin firm, fresh and healthy skin.

When pimples and acne occur, there may be temptation to apply pressure and pop the pimple, but this will only stretch the pore out more. Although you cannot actually shrink the pore because they don’t have muscles to control size, you can make it appear smaller than it actually it.

First, taking preventative measures so that the pores don’t expand is key. The build of sebum, which is the oil our body’s secretes to keep the skin from drying out, is the cause of most acne cases, and the increased build up cause excessive flow through the pore channels. The overuse of the pores will tire and wear them out, eventually stretching them to larger sizes.

Natural exfoliators, such as microdermabrasions are popular options for people who would like to reduce to tighten pores that were stretched out from overuse. In the virtually painless treatment, a wand is used to gently sand the skin and a vacuum is used to suck up the dead cells and debris that layers the skin. Fresh, new skin, with tighter and less noticeable pores can be seen within a few weeks of the treatment. At-home remedies are usually less successful than professional care, however steaming in a hot shower, and washing the face with warm water and sea salt can be effective as a natural exfoliants.

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