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How To Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

posted in Fat Reduction, Fat Removal

If you’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight, you have achieved an incredible goal. But unfortunately, after all of your hard work, remnants of the heavier you may still be hanging around, in the form of extra skin.  It may be dauntingly lingering in pouches under the arms, around the stomach and even down the back.

The elastic components of your skin are found in the dermis, the layer just below your epidermis. The epidermis’ skin is constantly shedding and replacing itself with new cells, unlike the dermis, which is a more permanent layer of skin that contains connective tissue, fibers, blood vessels and other components that can stretch or contract depending on how they’re treated. When you lose weight, and especially when it’s done very quickly, the skin no longer has the fat to stretch it into place, and the skin’s elasticity doesn’t adapt to your new figure.  Yes, after awhile your skin will naturally return to a shape that fits your body, but that process can take up to two years, and in certain cases surgery is necessary to remove extra skin that has no hope of ever returning back to normal.

There are many laser treatments available to tighten skin after weight loss, but in certain cases, the skin has been stretched so extensively that considering an invasive route may be your best option. It would be best to consult with New York Dermatologist Dr. Cameron Rokhsar in order to find out what options are available for you, whether it be body contouring, invasive or non invasive surgery. Dr. Rokhsar is the leading authority is fractional laser treatments, the most effective and innovative laser treatment device that will allow patients a non-invasive option to skin tightening and resurfacing. Stretch marks are typically associated with weight gain from long-term skin stretching. Fraxel laser treatments will be able to treat that skin damage.

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