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The Many Benefits of Fraxel

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While many of our treatments are geared toward solving one of your skin concerns, Fraxel features a combination of benefits designed to tackle an array of issues. The FDA-approved treatment minimizes scarring, reduces wrinkles and completely rejuvenates your appearance. Whether you have mild or extensive skin damage, we can individualize a Fraxel laser treatment session to your particular needs. With the unique ability for this therapeutic device to effectively treat any individual, regardless of skin type or ethnicity, we are proud to help you achieve remarkable results.

Below are some of the major skin conditions Fraxel targets and repairs:

Reduction of Wrinkles
There are a host of procedures marketed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but Fraxel delivers impressive precision. The combination system emits a series of micro injuries in the skin’s deepest layers, these punctures activate the body’s natural healing process. Once the body begins to heal, it causes a boost in collagen production, leading to tighter skin and a smoother, wrinkle-free complexion.

Improvement of Acne Scars
We understand how frustrating acne scars can be, which is why we feature Fraxel. The non-ablative laser treatment effectively removes and minimizes the appearance of pits and depressions while giving you a smoother appearance. Fraxel treatment improves collagen production in your skin and works best on non-active breakouts, effectively fading scars.

Reversing Sun Damage
A lifetime of sun exposure certainly wreaks havoc in the form of textured skin, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Though there is no treatment available which obliterate the harmful effects of sun damage, Fraxel drastically improves the appearance of sunspots. If you suffer from sun damage, Fraxel can lessen the severity, brighten your skin and improve its texture, creating a healthier appearance.

Melasma Reduction
Women who are pregnant or are experiencing an imbalance in hormones might be familiar with Melasma, dark spots which form on the surface of your face. While they are not harmful, the spots can be unpleasant. Fraxel safely and effectively fades the appearance of Melasma spots, providing an ideal maintenance plan for Melasma prone skin.

Improvement of Skin Laxity
As we age, skin becomes a victim to gravity and inevitably begins to sag. During Fraxel treatments, we focus on improving the texture and firmness of your skin. The laser treatment uniquely enhances the skin’s texture, reduces wrinkles and tightens skin on the neck, eyelids and chest.

Who are Potential Candidates for Fraxel Treatment?
Fraxel skin-resurfacing is a non-invasive laser procedure which utilizes special technology to rejuvenate your appearance. We perform this treatment on individuals seeking a brighter, smoother and revitalized complexion without the risks associated with surgery. Ideal candidates are healthy and do not have active facial sores or skin infections.

For more information regarding Fraxel Laser Treatment, please contact our office today for your consultation.

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