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Non Surgical Treatments For A Younger Face

posted in Non Surgical Procedures

The natural aging process will affect everyone at one point or another, some earlier than others. Genetics and sun exposure are the two greatest factors in an aging face. Non-invasive approaches can treat the changes that take place due to aging, such as increased wrinkles, sagging of excess skin and hollowness in cheeks and around the eyes. Collagen is responsible for the texture, shape and suppleness of the skin and is ultimately the connective tissue that retains a plump and youthful face. The destruction of this special protein leads to rapid aging, but can be injected into the face to recreate once lost structure. This quick fix can last three to six months.

Non-surgical eyelift utilizes Restylane’s ability to create a fuller face while filling in lines and folds. This cosmetic dermal filler’s key ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar found in the body. Because it is naturally produced there is no chance of an allergic reaction, which also makes it biodegradable. The body will naturally break down the filler substance within six to nine months post injection. The whole procedure takes 10 minutes and is injected into the lower eyelids in order to rejuvenate its appearance.

Non-surgical facelift can be achieved using Thermage or Ulthera. This technology uses radio frequency energy to heat collagen. This loosens and weakens the structure of the protein and responds by tightening and strengthening the face. Thermage can be used for not only tightening the skin, but decreasing jowls, heightening eyebrows, softer forehead lines, crow’s feet nasolabial lines (lines around the nose and mouth), treating acne scars and can work effectively on any skin type.

Uttherapy is another face lifting and skin tightening technique that has proven effective by using ultrasound technology. The heat that is emitted during Ulthera treatment precisely administers into the deepest layers of the skin without surgery. The body responds to the ultrasound waves by producing collagen that will restructure the skin by tightening and smoothing out and sagginess or wrinkles on the face.

Dr. Rokhsar is the leading authority in treating patients with laser and energy based devices like Ulthera, Fraxel, and Thermage. In fact, he has taught more physicians on the uses of Fraxel laser technology than any other physician in the world. The Fraxel laser works by emitting thousands of light beams into the skin. Because of its ability to treat microscopic sections of skin at a time instead of treating the skin’s entire surface at once, the laser can penetrate deeper into the dermis layer to help stimulate collagen production. This fractional resurfacing treatment allows the skin to heal much faster than if it were treated all at once, using the body’s natural healing process to create new healthy tissue to replace skin imperfections, remodel collagen and tighten skin texture.

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