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Preventing wrinkles before they even occur

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Wrinkles: the inevitable signs of aging we can’t avoid from happening. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Unfortunately, when skin ages it loses its collagen, the main skin tightening protein that creates a smooth taut surface. This makes everyone susceptible to the fine lines, sagging and hollowness that appear on the face.

The effects of aging on the dermal layer are significant. Not only does the dermal layer thin, but also less collagen is produced.

There are two different types of aging, intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Intrinsic aging is also known as the natural aging process, the one we’re all familiar with every time a birthday rolls around. How you naturally age is dependent on your inherited genes, repetitive facial expressions, nutrition, stress, and smoking. The skin’s collagen production then begins to slow, results in a weaker skin structure and wrinkles. Extrinsic aging is premature aging which is directly caused by unprotected sun exposure. Both genetics and unprotected sun exposure increase the toll your skin takes, increasing the effects of aging significantly.

So, with those odds against you, how do you prevent wrinkles? While genes do play a role in the aging process, the actions you take control most of the processes speed and level of damage.

Cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections, such as Botox and Xeomin, have recently been attracting younger users as a preventative solution. The trend is gaining momentum as more and more cosmetic dermatologists are seeing younger patients requesting injections of botulinum (Botox and Xeomin’s main ingredient) before wrinkles even develop.

New York Dermatologist and Cosmetic Laser Surgeon Dr. Cameron Rokhsar was given early access to Xeomin two years prior to its release, providing him with an expertise on the product’s uses. As the leading authority in laser surgery and non-invasive techniques, Dr. Rokhsar has extensive training and expertise in the field of skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

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