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Put On Your Winter Coats And Skin Care Products

posted in Skin Care

Every year it seems like the winter weather creeps up out of nowhere. Before you know, we’re searching through our closets, attics and basement storage bins to pull out our winter coats, over-sized sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves and any other clothing used to arm yourself against the dropping thermostat. Along with your layers, your skin should be layering on a different kind of protection aside from your summer skin care routine.

The day you need to crank the heat up is the day you should have your new skin care routine in place. The indoor heat is dry and sucks the moisture right out of your pores, which causes cracks and unsightly wrinkles down the line. Keep a thick hand lotion with you at all times, especially if you’re on the computer often, typing away. Or if you’re home doing the dishes or the laundry your skin goes through so much more abuse in the winter (unless you tan without protection during the summer, which is also not recommended).
Try a lotion with salicylic acid that will exfoliate dead skin cells around your hair follicles, which will reduce the appearance of red, irritated bumps. When you get out of the shower or bath (preferably not steaming hot), make sure to moisturize within half an hour, while your pores are most receptive to moisturizing lotions and creams.
Glove it up! Gloves will keep the heat and natural moisture in and protect your hands from windy and cold conditions. Even while you sleep, glove your feet with Vaseline or petroleum jelly in a plastic wrapped and pair of cotton socks. It’ll keep the many cracks and curves of your feet, including your heels, moisturized and protected.

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