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Regretting your tattoo? It’s not as permanent as you think

posted in Laser Treatments, Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have increasingly become part of the mainstream culture and over the past two decades have laced its way through every type of social group imaginable. There are many reasons to remove a tattoo, whether your tattoo was an impulsion decision when you were younger or because it is holding you back from getting a job, over 50 percent of adults wind up regretting their tattoo. With over 70 percent of people getting tattoos in early adulthood, many have gotten tattoos for social reasons or to establish identity, but once in mature adulthood, some want to disassociate with that identity and the tattoo that represents it.

There are several factors that can hold a person back from getting an unwanted tattoo removed such as pain, money or fear of scarring. But with the use of the recently FDA approved laser, the Alexandrite Picoseconds Laser, tattoo removal is much more promising than it once was. The laser treats small sections of the tattoo skin cells at a time, making it rejuvenate new skin more efficiently. Of course the effectiveness of tattoo removal depends on the size, location, age, ink density and color.

Dr. Rokhsar has extensive knowledge and experience with lasers. He can best advise on which approach is best for approaching your particular tattoo. The quality-switched laser and Nd-YAG have also proven to be excellent and effective in tattoo removal, leaving clients very satisfied with their results and able to continue living a normal life without the burden of a regrettable tattoo standing in their way. Dr. Rokhsar is the leading authority in laser tattoo removal. This New York based dermatologist is also a fellowship-trained cosmetic laser and skin surgeon, giving him a specialized expertise in laser treatments.

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