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Removing Fat With Surgery: The Pros & Cons of Liposuction

posted in Fat Reduction

When you decide to undergo liposuction, it is one of the biggest steps you can make for starting your weight loss journey. With the decision to undergo liposuction brings with it pros and cons, just as any many decision or surgery can bring. Overall, liposuction is a safe and reliable surgery, which was invented in 1974 by Italian surgeons, Giorgio and Arpad Fischer. Over the last 40 years, the procedure has been virtually perfected and has become a popular, major weight loss treatment.

In terms of positives that come from undergoing liposuction, patients only have to wait two to three weeks to really see and feel the visible results and within two years of the surgery, most individuals find that they have lost two thirds of their weight. Most diseases that are associated with obesity, including high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain and incontinence will often improve. And more importantly, you may also reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks as a result of weight loss.

You will feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror as your confidence will increase. Healthy lifestyles will not only make you look good, but also feel good. Especially when you put nutritious and fortifying foods to fuel your new lifestyle. When there are cons to something, especially surgery and other procedures, there will always be downfalls.

Please check in tomorrow to see what the consequences are for surgical liposuction, and what alternatives there are to going under the knife for weight loss!

One of the biggest downfalls of undergoing liposuction is the fact that you will have to become a surgical candidate and any type of surgery is riskier than a non-surgical procedure. In addition, you would also need to consistently fail a variety of weight loss approaches.

This type of procedure may also leave some type of scarring. After having the surgery, you may be able to return to work after a few of days, however, there may still be some scars and bruising on your body for several weeks. The healing process requires tentative patience and there are no exceptions with this procedure. Your surgeon may recommend that you wear a tight-fitting garment, similar to a post-surgical girdle in order to reduce the swelling. You may need to wear this garment for up to six weeks.

As you see, there are cons to having liposuction done, but there are also pros. The pros are undoubtedly losing weight, feeling beautiful and leading a healthy lifestyle that adds years to your life.

But wouldn’t you want to remove fat without surgery? The technology to moderately reduce fat is here and it’s actually pretty fascinating. CoolSculpting, is a procedure developed at Wellman Laser Laboratories at Harvard Medical School is based on research that has shown fat cells are more vulnerable to cold temperature than any other surrounding tissue. Extreme cold temperatures are emitted through cooling plates that suction the targeted area for an hour, during which time fat cells are turned from a soft to solid form.

Literally freezing fat cells through prolonged controlled cooling, allows the body to naturally metabolize frozen fat out of the body. Results begin to show in three weeks with progressive improvements within four months post-treatment. Is an effective and reliable non-invasive, FDA approved procedure that uses a unique technique for destroying unwanted fat. Having non-surgical options is important, especially when it’s concerning your health.

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