Laser Treatments

I have struggled with liver spots and sun spots on my face for quite some time now, because I thought there was no way to get rid of them. I tried expensive creams and treatments but was never able to fade the spots on my skin. Dr. Rokhsar has been my dermatologist for a few years so I finally decided to ask him if there was anything he could do to help me. Together, we decided that a series of laser treatments would be my best option. I received the Fraxel laser, as Dr. Rokhsar recommended this to treat the fine lines on my face as well. I am still in the process of finishing up my treatment, but so far, I am blown away by the results. My liver spots have faded significantly and I can even see improvement in the overall texture of my skin. Dr. Rokhsar is truly a gifted doctor and I will continue to see him for as my regular dermatologist.