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Stretched holes from heavy earrings? We can fix that

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For most people with pierced ears, the hole gradually enlarges over time usually due to the weight and weakness of the skin due to aging. It can tear because of the natural aging and wearing down process or if an earring caught on a sweater or was pulled abruptly. It can be painful when the tiny piece of skin at the bottom of the lobe rips to the bottom. When it first tears you must wait until the torn skin has healed and the inflammation has subsided.

Some of the conditions we treat are partially or totally torn earlobes, keloid scars of earlobes, elongated earlobes, or earlobes with a fold or crease in them. Earlobe repair or rejuvenation can be a very simple and successful procedure. The surgical treatment is tailored to the patients’ particular situation and level of damage. This technique can also apply to people with keloid scars on their earlobes after getting their ears pierced.

For the patient who is bothered by a protruding or elongated earlobe, a wedge of skin can be removed, which ultimately shortens the earlobe. If there is a crease in the middle of the earlobe and creates a fold, then injecting the ear with Restylane or Radiesse can solve the problem for months to years, but is not a permanent solution. It will fill the crease and lift to create a smooth and even surface and more symmetry to the overall face.

The stitches that hold the repaired pieces of skin together can be removed one to two weeks after the repair procedure. A thin layer of antibiotic ointment is usually the only application necessary. Don’t be alarmed if the ear drains from the wound as it heals, as it’s a common and expected occurrence.

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