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Taking Technology Overseas

posted in Cosmetic Dermatology

To the patients who have come to my office and seen how quickly and efficiently Fraxel and Liposonix work, it may seem the process is incredibly easy. And while they are right, it is easy for them, it is important to note that these tools are only valuable in skilled hands. As anyone who may have seen the season finale of an ABC show NY Med can attest to, technology is not self-sufficient in dermatology (a man in the episode presented to the ER after having his face lasered by a dermatologist in the city and sustaining severe third-degree burns and requiring transfer to a burn ICU).

Fortunately for my patients, I’ve been not only working with Fraxel since its inception, I’ve been training other physicians in its use as well. This extensive experience has led to my upcoming speaking opportunity across the globe…in Moscow, Russia. I have been asked to educate dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and physicians in the exciting technology of both Fraxel and LipoSonix. I’m very much looking forward to visiting this incredible city…and I’m up for recommendations on must-see/must-eats while I’m there!

This background knowledge in it’s design, settings, science, and capabilities allow me to customize treatments very specifically, utilizing the unparalleled laser to its fullest. When patients come to the office, they don’t get a running standard. Instead, I am able to take into account their skin type, skin color, problems (such as scarring, large pores, wrinkles, sagging, etc), timetable, and target zones that need extra attention. Without this precise titration, patients risk over or under-treating, wasting money and possibly permanently injuring themselves in the process.

Similarly, LipoSonix is an incredible device. However, it isn’t as simple as using a household appliance. In addition to customizing settings, LipoSonix practitioners need to be experts in the shapes, curves, and anatomy of the human body. Knowing how skin folds, fat lies, and muscles pull is essential to removing fat from the right areas, and not leaving pockets, bulges, or lumps. If you’ve ever searched for LipoSonix or liposuction stories on the internet, you’ll undoubtedly be bombarded by horror stories….usually due to physician incompetence, laziness, weakness (it takes lots of strength and endurance to perform a case well), and unfamiliarity. Thus, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to educate physicians across Russia so that the technology can be used for ultimate patient satisfaction.

If you have yet to personally see how incredible Fraxel and LipoSonix can be, learn more from the links on the side of my page, or come see me for a consultation. It is much easier than coming to Moscow.

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