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The 15-Minute Non Surgical Nosejob vs. The Traditional Nosejob

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Your nose is one of the most prominent features of the face. A break, bump, dents or sideways deviations or even the length of the nose may make you want to alter its appearance. Traditionally, most people think of nose jobs as a surgical procedure, but those that are surgery averse can find effective results in a non invasive procedure.

Re-contouring the nose through filler injections has proven to be an effective technique that lasts up to a year. Besides being an excellent option for those that are surgery averse, it is also an optimal choice for those that are hesitant about permanent cosmetic alterations and would like to try a temporary treatment.

Dr. Rokhsar is the leading authority for the non surgical 15-minute nosejob that leaves a patient with immediate results and little to no pain, swelling, or unsightly bruising- telltale signs of invasive nosejobs.

After numbing cream has been applied onto the patient’s nose for half an hour, a cosmetic dermal filler called Radiesse is precisely injected into the target areas. Radiesse is a smooth calcium based filler, a biodegradable material that is naturally produced in the body, erasing the risk allergic reactions. It has been FDA approved for 2003.

Those that have had nose jobs in the past and aren’t pleased with the results or want additional alterations without going under the knife again may choose this route.

A typical nose job, also called rhinoplasty has been performed surgically for years. For certain patients, surgical nose jobs are the most effective choice because of their cosmetic goals such as nostril augmenting, however for others with bridge augmentation goals, this 15 minute procedure is ideal.

With this new procedure, patients are able to walk in and out of Dr. Rokhsar’s office during their lunch break. The non-surgical nose job is best fitted for fixing bumps, dents, raising the tip of the nose, and to create a more prominent nose bridge.

New York Dermatologist Dr. Cameron Rokhsar’s offices are located in New York City and Garden City, Long Island. He has pioneered this procedure and has appeared on ABC News as an interviewed expert to explain the benefits from a nonsurgical nose job.

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