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The Buzz About Belotero

posted in Fillers

It seems like I am always updating my patients on the latest and greatest advancement in dermatology, plastic surgery, lasers, and non-invasive enhancements. Such is the nature of the ever-changing, exciting field. Never one to be behind the times, I’m proud to introduce the latest addition to my practice: Belotero.

Belotero is the latest of 3 hyaluronic acid fillers to be introduced and approved by the FDA after years of success in Europe and the Canada. It is a safe to use in a wide variety of areas, including but not limited to: frown lines, periorbital lines, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, nasolabial folds, perioral lines, vermillion border, lips, marionette lines, and the back of the hands.


As you can see, Belotero lends itself nicely to even the finest of lines that others products may be too bulky to fill. It is identical to the hyaluronic acid that you naturally have in your body, meaning the results will look natural.

Another benefit to hyaluronic acid fillers like Belotero is that they can be dissolved with an enzyme if for some reason you do not like the results. This makes many patients feel more comfortable, especially if they are new to fillers. I get many questions from patients who have gone to other practices and been unsatisfied with an injectable, and when the product is not degradable, they are always dismayed to find out that it will be up to a year before things change.


Like the other fillers in my office, I can provide dramatic change with Belotero in only a few minutes. On your lunchbreak, you can painlessly turn back the clock ten years.

Belotero is specifically for superficial lines and wrinkles, similar to it’s related fillers. However, the manufacturers boast that unlike its counterparts, Belotero doesn’t run the risk of having a bluish tint (otherwise known as the Tyndall effect) beneath the skin like some other superficial fillers might.

One of my favorite places to use Belotero is under the eyes in the tear troughs. As you can imagine, this is a very unforgiving area to inject in, so using a high-quality filler like Belotero helps me achieve the perfect, natural-looking results.


As you can see, however, Belotero isn’t just for the finest of lines and wrinkles. Even large volume areas like the nasolabial folds can be dramatically improved with hyaluronic acid.

If you’re interested in seeing what Belotero can do for you, come visit me! Schedule an appointment by calling 212-285-1110 and start fall off with a fresh face.

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