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The Future Of Non Surgical Fat Removal Is Here

posted in Fat Removal, Non Surgical Procedures

When it comes to losing unwanted fat, it doesn’t get much easier than Zeltiq. Never before has there been a method for non-invasive, safe, quick adipose removal, which is why I am so excited to offer it to the patients in my practice.

I haven’t met many people who don’t have at least one “problem area”…that spot on the body they hate to pinch and just can’t seem to get rid of. Maybe it is a love handle, the upper or lower abdomen, the chest, the thighs, or even the oddly named “banana roll,” a fat deposit just under the buttocks. Regardless of the area, even fit patients in a healthy weight range can have places that make them uncomfortable. Some of my patients are highly athletic, but to lose the fat they would like to would result in a gaunt facial appearance. Regardless of the reasons, Zeltiq is perfect for minor sculpting and major satisfaction.

I myself have undergone the procedure and am convinced that it yields quantifiable results. It was an odd sensation at first, but I quickly relaxed and settled in for some rare but much-appreciated relaxation. Our Zeltiq suite is equipped with an iPod dock, radio, and large flat-screen TV offering NetFlix, On-Demand shows and movies, and hundreds of digital channels. It is often humorous to see just how much busy New Yorkers enjoy a mid-day nap or some television while undergoing treatment! Even for the most industrious of patients, the experience is a chance for some quiet, uninterrupted work or reading time. All these options while losing up to 20% circumference? That is the ultimate in multi-tasking!

I’m so excited about Zeltiq that I am currently offering complimentary consultations to anyone interested. While it isn’t a substitute for liposuction, it is an innovative alternative that uses the fascinating concept of cripolipolysis. If you’d like to learn more about the specifics, check out my page here or schedule a consultation with me by calling 212-285-1110.

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