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The Latest from CoolSculpting

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Even if you’re committed to a healthy diet and workout regime, sometimes stubborn fat tissue just refuses to budge. For those unavoidable moments, Dr. Rokhsar proudly offers CoolSculpting: CoolAdvantage technology, an efficient way to banish the bulge. The advanced applicator reduces the treatment time and increases the effectiveness of this FDA-approved weight-loss procedure. We feature this technology to reduce fat in the thigh, abdominal and flank regions and help re-contour your appearance for a more confident facade.

Time Saver
One of the most appreciated advancements in CoolSculpting is the applicator’s ability to function utilizing less heat and providing a more comfortable experience for each patient. Remarkably, the procedural time is actually cut in half due to the recent changes. In only thirty-five minutes fat is assessed and reduced by this cutting-edge technology. Alterations in the size and shape of equipment make the comfortable treatment even more pleasant. The three in one adapter helps us really focus in on the intended fat removal areas, targeting tissue while avoiding organs and other regions.

Interchangeable Contours

The generous range of applicators allows us to cater to bodies of all shapes and sizes. We utilize this FDA-approved machinery to draw regions of tissue between cooling panels and deliver precise and controlled cooling technology, thereby eliminating fat cells. Each applicator is uniquely designed to fit a specific treatment area. The new additions to CoolSculpting make it easier and more effective to reduce muffin tops, slim the abdominal region, trim thighs and the CoolSmooth Pro Applicator uniquely re-sculpts the outer-thigh. All of these tools combined are what makes Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting technology so successful.

Your body is an amazing thing which sometimes needs a little push in the right direction. Even someone dedicated to a healthy lifestyle still suffers from a little excess fat. The technology offered by Coolsculpting is revolutionary, doesn’t require surgery and can be done within your lunch-break. Unlike Liposuction or other fat-removal procedures, this won’t require any down-time and will give you great, permanent results. Though you may need to attend a few treatments, you’ll walk out of our office with a body you can be proud of. Every patient is different, so our dedicated team will assess your needs and goals and come up with a treatment plan to help you achieve the optimal outcome.

Visit us for Your CoolSculpting Assessment
Would you like to lose a few inches from your waist-size? Dr. Cameron Rokhsar is highly qualified in non-invasive procedures and can help you achieve your goals in just a few visits. She proudly specializes in CoolSculpting and serves many successful patients in the New York and New Jersey areas. Please contact our offices today for your cosmetic consultation.

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