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The Newest Anti-Wrinkle Treatment: Belotero

posted in Botox, Non surgical Skin Tightening

Keeping wrinkles from forming and eliminating the old wrinkles is a struggle for a lot of women and men alike. As we age, the skin loses its collagen, fullness and youthful appearance, a problem Botox injections have been able to fix for over a decade. However, there is now a new wrinkle reducer on the market that utilizes the same technology as Botox and has been showing remarkably effective results.

When it comes to treating fine lines and wrinkles, a specially formulated skin smoothing agent is necessary to erase the first signs of aging. Belotero is the most recently released dermal filler and while cosmetic medicine advances rapidly, so do the quality and improvement of results from treatments. Belotero is a dermal filler that has proven itself as a rival potential against other longer-standing fillers. Belotero is a gel that has been demonstrating exceptional results in significantly diminishing upper lip lines and fine lines around the eyes.

Because of its ability to seamlessly integrate with the skin’s natural facial features, Belotero provides a detailing effect by providing subtle volume to the face as well as hydrating the skin. Patients who have lost their once youthful lips and eyes to wrinkles can have them restored with the injections that provide safe and effective results.

Before Belotero was made available, superficial injections of other hyaluronic acid fillers could create the Tyndall effect. This occurs when light passes through a clear substance, giving skin an undesirable blue discolored appearance. Belotero is specifically designed and proven to effectively treat fine lines so patients no longer have to settle for unsatisfactory results from another filler.

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