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The Truth About Cellulite

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In medicine, and particularly in dermatology, it can be frustrating to see patients who fall victim to “old wives tales” or marketing myths when it comes to matters of health and appearance. Many of these patients are subsequently disappointed when they come to my office and I debunk these falsities. Case in point: cellulite.

First things first: a healthy weight, nutritious diet, and adequate hydration are great for everyone and benefit many conditions. However, the very nature of cellulite makes it highly resistant to most treatments. Why? Let’s take a look.

Cellulite is non-discriminatory. It affects all postpubertal ages, sizes, weights, and races. The tell-tale skin dimpling is caused by herniation (bulging out) of fat between fibrous connective tissue. Causes include hormonal, circulatory, genetic, inflammatory, and structural factors.

Desperate for a way around this annoying condition? You’re not alone. In fact, studies show cellulite appears in up to 80-90% of females, and even occurs in males. So now for the truth. First, while liposuction is great for fat deposits, it isn’t a solution for cellulite, and can even exacerbate the problem. Creams? Forget it. A cream cannot possibly alter herniating adipose tissue or fibrous bands. The idea itself is preposterous. And oral supplements? Not a single reputable study has ever proven them even remotely effective.

So now for what can work. Unfortunately, there are simply no long-term solutions. And like I so often tell my patients, if someone tells you they can offer you a long-term solution: run. They’re either lying or grossly misinformed. Fortunately, New York Cosmetic Laser Skin Surgery does offer an effective option: Velashape.

VelaShape combines radiofrequency waves, infrared light energy, plus vacuum and mechanical massage. You can learn more on the Velashape section of my website, but the key points are as follows:

  • Several treatments are needed. Ideally, 3-6 sessions produces the best results.
  • The procedure is simple and has zero downtime. It feels like a one-hour massage!
  • Results are temporary and typically around 3 months.

That being said, the perfect time to get a head start on combating cellulite for the summer is now. If you’d like to schedule a VelaShape consultation, call our offices at 516-512-7616 or 212-285-1110.

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