Time To Get Something Off Your Chest, Or Back, Or Arm?

We’ve all got regrets. Most of them we don’t have to wear around on our skin every day. Not the case with tattoos. Luckily for my patients, I continue to stay on top of the latest advances in tattoo removal technology. For many years I have offered the Q-Switch laser for quick and easy ink pigment removal, and now things are more promising than ever.

A new study in the ASLMS journal demonstrated that even greater clearance than ever thought possible can be achieved by doing multiple passes of the Alexandrite laser during the same session! This means less time, less money, and less time waiting for your tattoo to disappear.

So what are you waiting for? Start fresh with clear skin, now faster than ever.

Check out the videos, magazine articles, and information I have on my Tattoo Removal page.


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