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Dr. Rokhsar Featured on Wall Street Journal Discussing Kybella for Double Chin Removal

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Introducing Kybella to the World

Dr. Rokhsar has been treating patients with Kybella for some time now, but his interview on The Wall Street Journal helps to introduce this great, new submental fat treatment to the rest of the world. As Dr. Rokhsar explains in this video, Kybella is a way to eliminate the dreaded double-chin without the need for surgery or invasive treatment. For years, people have been looking for a way to make troublesome areas of fat disappear—Kybella lets Dr. Rokhsar do precisely that.

The Wall Street Journal is the perfect avenue to get out the news about Kybella because this procedure seems, on the surface, too good to be true. There’s a part of your brain that won’t believe that your fat will disappear with just a couple of injections. But, as Dr. Rokhsar explains, the chemical properties of Kybella allow it to break down fat cells located in the neck—effectively “melting” away the fat that causes a double chin.

Am I a Good Candidate for Kybella?

As with many novel procedures, some patients may not be entirely confident that they are good candidates for Kybella treatments. During your consultation with Dr. Rokhsar, you will discuss whether Kybella is a good fit for your desired final results. In general, patients who are good candidates for Kybella:

  • Want to eliminate excess fat around the neck
  • Are troubled by the look of their “double chin”
  • Are unable to eliminate their double chin easily through diet or exercise
  • Desire the confidence that comes with a more slender, more visible jawline
  • Do not want to undergo surgery or are not a good candidate for surgical procedures
  • Are comfortable waiting a few months for optimal results
  • Are comfortable with permanent fat loss results
  • Have realistic expectations about what this procedure can accomplish

During any consultation with Dr. Rokhsar, patients should be prepared to discuss their general medical history, including any medications they are currently taking. This is also true of Kybella, though the injection does not present many risks to patients. You should also be ready to talk about your desired results—where you would like to eliminate chin fat and how best to accomplish that.

It should be noted that Kybella is currently only approved by the FDA to treat chin fat; Kybella will work on other areas of the body as well. If you would like to eliminate fat in other areas of the body, Dr. Rokhsar may also recommend non invasive procedures such as Coolsculpting or minimally invasive liposuction.

How Does Kybella Work?

Your body has natural ways of breaking down fat, and those mechanisms are generally activated when your body needs that fat for energy (for example, during rigorous exercise or when you might be fasting). Kybella is an artificial reproduction of a natural molecule in the body—that is, the molecule is chemically identical to what’s already in your body, making this a very safe treatment.

In order to be most effective, Kybella needs to be administered by a highly trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Rokhsar. Once injected into the double chin, the molecule (deoxycholic acid) will disrupt the cell walls of the fat, essentially breaking the fat cells down (or “melting” them in other words). The fat is absorbed back into your body, but broken down and moved away from your chin. Therefore, any submental fullness—or any double-chin fat—will be removed.

Dr. Rokhsar is one of the few cosmetic surgeons in New York authorized to administer Kybella. This treatment helps many patients achieve a more slender, more athletic look without the need for surgery. Dr. Rokhsar also conducted the clinical trials for kybella.

Kybella Recovery and Results

There is no true “recovery” period from Kybella injections. You will be able to resume normal activities immediately. There may be some bruising or redness after the initial injections, but that should diminish within two to three days. Swelling and lumpiness can persist for a few weeks in some people.

The results of Kybella will generally manifest themselves over two to three weeks, with peak results showing a few months later. Most patients will notice a substantial loss of excess fat from around the jawline and neck. In most cases, the “double-chin” will diminish and reveal a more slender, sleek jawline. Our patients have reported a significant increase in confidence and self-esteem thanks to this procedure, as those patients are thankful to finally be rid of persistent, difficult to target fat.

When Can I Get Kybella?

Now that Dr. Rokhsar has helped spread the word about this procedure, demand for Kybella will undoubtedly rise. If you’re looking for Kybella injections in the New York area, Dr. Cameron Rokhsar is undeniably among the foremost experts in this procedure, and he offers Kybella at his Manhattan and Long Island, NY cosmetic surgery clinics.

Contact Dr. Rokhsar to get started on your transformation right away. A more athletic jawline could be just a few injections away.

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