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What are 11 lines? Wrinkles you want removed

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Look in the mirror. See those two lines that may or may not have (but, most likely have) formed between your eyebrows, just above your nose? The ones that clearly define themselves when you squint at the sun or frown at book you’re ready? They’re well-known as the “eleven lines” for the simple fact that they look like the number “11.” However, they’re medically termed as glabellar wrinkles.  These deep vertical lines that develop between the eyebrows at the junction of the nose and forehead, form when the procerus and corrugator muscles contract. They are most noticeable when frowning or expressing doubt or anxiety. Frown lines can make you look sad no matter how happy you are and can even make you look perpetually tired regardless if you feel well rested. If you’re sick of people telling you to cheer up, a number of medical options exist to help reverse the effects of aging.
Botox injections can ultimately eliminate these beautifully by relaxing the muscles, which cause the crease upon contraction. Fine facial lines and wrinkles are the first signs of aging. Botox has been the gold standard for over a decade.

When the brain is directed to laugh or frown, it sends a signal that travels through a nerve to reach the muscle tissue and trigger a physical corresponding action. Botox cuts that line of communication, ultimately preventing the signal from reaching the muscle. When the muscle cannot be triggered to contract, it remains in a relaxed state, which not only addresses wrinkles that have already formed, but also prevents creases from forming in the first place. Patients will stop overusing the muscles that cause repeated facial micro-movements that form undesirable lines along the face overtime; telltale signs of aging. This does not prevent you from making facial expressions, but simply stops your face from making muscle contractions deep within the skin that ultimately cause harder to treat wrinkles.

Forehead furrows, laugh lines, creases, frown lines — whatever you call them, they’re more pronounced than fine lines and harder to effectively treat. Since frown lines are wrinkles, you can blame the same culprits for their untimely appearance: sun exposure, smoking, genetics and skin type.

Lotions, creams, glycolic acid peels, deeper chemical peels and dermabrasion can all reduce fine lines with varying degrees of success. But none of these methods are effective in treating frown lines. Frown lines require the bigger guns in a dermatologist’s arsenal.

You can rid your face of frown lines with a fairly simple and not-too-painful procedure that can be performed in your doctor’s office during your lunch hour. No matter the solution, however, erasing your frown lines will involve a hit to your pocketbook. Wrinkle-reducing procedures usually aren’t covered by insurance because they’re considered cosmetic rather than medical.

If you’d like to have a smooth glabella or get rid of that crease across the bridge of your nose, this article will inform you of your options, including filler injections and surgery. Turn the page to learn about what’s probably the most well known way to get rid of frown lines.

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