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What is Fraxel?

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Since its introduction back in 2004, the use of the Fraxel laser for fractional skin resurfacing has swept through the medical community and grown rapidly in popularity all over the world. Offering significant improvement over the traditional C02 laser method of skin resurfacing, it has garnered critical acclaim and attention from such well-known publications as Vogue and Star, and has even been featured on ABC News. A myriad of skin conditions are effectively correctible with Fraxel – New York dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, and internationally recognized pioneer of surgical laser technology Dr. Cameron Rokhsar is your de facto Fraxel expert.

Along with his contemporary Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, Dr. Rokhsar was among the first to introduce the clinical applications of the Fraxel laser to the world. Having worked with the laser prototype for a year prior, he went on to teach his fractional resurfacing techniques to physicians in the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America. Because of its versatility and marked advantages over previously prominent methods, Fraxel has now become the number one laser resurfacing treatment in the world.


How is Fraxel better than other methods of laser resurfacing?

Traditionally, laser resurfacing is achieved by peeling away layers of skin while causing contraction of tissue. Though very effective, this method requires general anesthesia and much longer recovery times – up to two weeks. Fractional resurfacing, as its name implies, treats from 15-50% of the target area per treatment by the placement of microthermal zones, microscopic deep treatment columns, which are surrounded by areas of healthy skin. This allows the body to heal naturally, creating new healthy tissue, remodel collagen, and tighten the texture of the skin. Treatment will occur over 2-5 sessions, depending on the area being addressed, but with virtually no down time after each.

Fraxel laser resurfacing can be used to address a variety of skin problems including: wrinkles, poor texture, large pores, sun spots and damage, brown spots, acne, surgical, and trauma scars, melasma, uneven pigmentation, stretch marks, syringomas, and pearly penile papules. If you’re considering Fraxel, New York dermatologist and fractional laser resurfacing expert Dr. Cameron Rokhsar is ready to help. Give him a call today!

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