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What Is The Best Scar Cream?

posted in Scars, Skin Care

Skin is held tight and smooth by three fundamental components: collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. A scar ultimately disrupts the natural healing process and design of the skin’s cells. Collagen is essential to the skin and provide a structural framework with firmness. Kinetin aids in the stimulation and production of collagen, which encourages regrowth and a less traumatic scar. Skin Labs MD provides Dr. Rokhsar’s patients with an extensive variety of skin care products and factors that encourage growth stimulation and are found in several products including Skin Medica and neocutis.

Each scar needs to be treated in a specific way in order to address all the best healing practices. There are a variety of different scars, which include keloids scars, that cannot be effectively treated with scar cream, as they are a result of an overly aggressive healing process. Treatments include invasive surgery, steroid injections or laser surgery and are more common among people with dark skin.

Contracture scars are a result of a burn. The skin tightens and can, in some cases, impair a limb or joint’s ability to move. Because these scars can go deeper and affect muscles and nerves, they cannot be treated well with scar cream.

Hypertrophic scars are raised scars, similar to keloids but not in the extreme enough to stretch beyond the original injury area. Certain steroids can be used to reduce inflammation and flatten scars, and creams can help speed up that process.

Acne scars cannot be treated with scar cream. Severe acne can cause deep pits, uneven skin tone and wavelike appearances. Holes and pokes could also occur which would require laser treatments such as Fraxel for scars and V-beam for any redness caused by the scarring.

Creams, ointments or gels are typically best used for more minor cuts, injuries and wounds. It’s important to consult with a fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon when addressing scarring issues because of all the factors that come into play when deciding what treatment plan is best for you and your skin type.

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