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What Is The Best Way To Wash My Face? Continued…

posted in Skin Care

In most cases, it doesn’t matter what kind of skin you have as long as the ingredients list doesn’t contain fragrance, which can be irritating; parabens, which are potentially toxic preservatives; or harsh soap  that tends to over dry the skin . Cleansers are more of a personal preference than anything. With the exception of people with dry skin who may prefer formulas with added moisturizers, like glycerin or shea butter and those with skin that tends to get oilier, and may prefer ingredients that will clear their face up more without drying them out.

Scrub and exfoliate the skin in a routine that alternates with a gentler cleanser that contains salicylic- or glycolic-acid cleanser is gentler. The grainy scrubs  offer antiaging benefits and help prevent breakouts by removing dead skin to make way for newer, fresher skin layers. Alternate with your regular face-wash routine. Try starting with three times a week and then adjust according to how your skin looks and feels on short and long-term scales.

You don’t need to use a brush to your skin every single day in order to let your skin regenerate itself. A brush removes oil, dirt and dead skin better than your hands can and it tends to be less aggressive than most exfoliating cleansers or scrubs. Although, if you’re applying ingredients such as retinoids or acids,  it’s not a necessary face washing step to use every night. Too much exfoliation can cause inflammation Make sure to rinse and air-dry after use in order to keep your brush bacteria-free and also replace the brush head every three months.

Remember: anything that’s expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective for you. Save your pricier ingredients, like retinol or antioxidants, for leave-on products instead of washing them down the drain because they’re most effective concentrated on your skin.

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