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What will I look like after a Fraxel treatment?

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Ask a thousand people what they would change about themselves if they could and you’ll probably get a thousand different answers. We all have things about ourselves we wish we could change, but chances are, among that same thousand people, you’ll hear a number of different things having to do with skin. More than our job, our height, or our clothes, our skin feels like a personal representation of who we are – and it’s what the world sees when it looks at us. But did you know that, for all the things we wish we could change about our skin, so many of them can be achieved with Fraxel? Long Island dermatologist and renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Cameron Rokhsar can make your wishes a reality.

From stretch marks to acne scars, wrinkles to brown spots, Fraxel fractional laser resurfacing can make a dramatic improvement in the way your skin looks and feels. The core concept behind this technique is the creation of tiny wounds in the dermal tissue to stimulate your body’s own natural healing process. Instead of appearing artificial, the results of your Fraxel treatments will look natural because they are. Soft new skin emerges in the treated areas, skin tone is evened, scars and discolorations fade and even disappear, and your skin regains the natural elasticity and feel it once had.

Fraxel is an outpatient procedure, generally requiring only a topical anesthetic to perform, thus recovery time is almost non-existent. Most patients experience a mild sunburn-like redness that resolves on its own in 1-2 days and there is virtually no risk of complication. Reintroduce the world to your beautiful skin with Fraxel – Long Island expert Dr. Cameron Rokhsar is ready to help.

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