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What’s the Most Effective Way to Get Rid of a Double Chin?

posted in Non surgical Skin Tightening

Many people search for the best way to get rid of their double chin in order to experience the boost in self-confidence that a well-defined jawline and slim neck can bring. Dr. Cameron Rokhsar helps patients by offering a variety of ways to reduce troublesome double chins. While Kybella injections or liposuction are both popular treatments to reduce a double chin, many patients often ask “which one is better?”

That New York model neckline: Kybella fat-melting injections or liposuction?

You may have heard of Kybella (also known as deoxycholic acid) and its fat-fighting abilities. Dr. Rokhsar, who is based in Long Island and NYC, was one of the first Kybella providers in the U.S. after the FDA approved the substance in 2015. The highly trained, board-certified dermatologic surgeon uses Kybella as a non-invasive way to provide his patients with a contoured look by giving them a slimmer appearance in the lower face and jawline. Kybella injections destroy the fat cells in just a few weeks by helping the body naturally get rid of unwanted fat in targeted areas.

Neck liposuction, on the other hand, is generally saved for patients who have large amounts of neck and chin fat. More invasive than Kybella, liposuction requires local anesthesia to alleviate discomfort during the procedure. It also has a longer recovery time. Although the results are well worth it, patients are advised to rest a minimum of one week after their liposuction procedure.

Lunchtime Kybella injections or liposuction?

Kybella is a quick and simple treatment that takes only 20 minutes per session. Dr. Rokhsar injects 2 to 6 injections in the chin area, guided by “Kybella dots” that are based on your specific needs. A local anesthetic can be used to provide additional comfort if needed. However, it is generally a painless procedure with little downtime that many people receive their Kybella injections during their lunch breaks in New York. While liposuction is a more invasive procedure, it is also an effective way to get rid of a double chin, although it tends to cost slightly more than Kybella treatments in the long run.

How many Kybella injections will I need?

Patients have had success with 3 Kybella treatments spaced two months apart, or monthly treatments. Up to 6 sessions are recommended. Many people notice improvements between the second and fourth sessions.

For more information on how you can get rid of your double chin with Kybella injections or liposuction, contact New York Cosmetic, Skin and Laser Surgery Center and schedule an appointment with Dr. Rokhsar.

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