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Why Does Your Face Turn Red When You Drink Alcohol?

posted in Skin Care

Do your cheeks flush easier when you have a martini or a beer? Maybe the more you drink the redder you become? It’s a natural response the body makes, which is only dangerous when it is experienced on a regular basis. The accumulation of too much acetaldehyde when consuming alcohol produces this condition. Other even more unpleasant symptoms can be experienced when drinking. Because alcohol is a toxin as soon as it enters your bloodstream your body attempts to break it down which results in acetaldehyde production as a side effect. For people without this genetic condition that causes over sensitivity to alcohol their body can properly and efficiently process the acetaldehyde easily. If the breakdown of acetaldehyde reacts in such a way with your body you are inclined to react, the reaction will come in the form of a red-face and other possible symptoms when drinking. Other symptoms a person may experience while drinking with particular focus on the skin, is a prickly sensation of the skin, rapid heartbeat, intense congestion, and nausea.
These are negative reactions and warning signs the body produces, which should tell the individual to stop drinking. Acetaldehyde is a known carcinogen as recent research suggests that alcohol flush-afflicted individuals consuming alcohol continually may be at a higher risk for alcohol-related diseases, such as liver and esophageal cancers and digestive tract cancer Considering the fact that your health and life are at stake you must do something to eliminate this condition of your body’s inability to properly metabolize acetaldehyde. You can put an immediate halt to all these symptoms and allow your body to eliminate the acetaldehyde easily. The first method is a prescription which is not recommended as the side effects can be worse than the symptoms.

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