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You Don’t Need To Suffer: Excessive Sweating Can Be Treated

posted in Botox, Hyperhidrosis

When one in five Americans experience excessive sweating, dermatologists look for answers. Excessive sweating can put people in embarrassing social and professional situations while ruining clothes and confidence, but a technology utilizing microwave energy can provide patients with a reliable long-lasting solution. MiraDry is a non-invasive treatment used to eliminate underarm sweat glands to stop excessive sweating once and for all. Sweat glands are non-regenerative, which means miraDry results will last, unlike other treatment options such as antiperspirants and prescriptions that temporarily disable the glands for a limited time, and since only two percent of the body’s sweat glands are located in the armpit, it won’t inhibit your body from cooling itself off.

Sweating is a natural cooling system, designed by the body’s gland system. But for some, too much sweating will not only interfere with daily routines, but sabotage socializing. One in five adults in the United States is burdened by their underarm sweat. Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis, Prescription antiperspirants, Botox and surgery have been the most widely used treatments for excessive sweating, but without surgery, no treatments have proven as long-lasting and effective.

First, MiraDry vacuums the skin and stabilizes it into place, which brings the sweat glands closer to the surface and then it emits electromagnetic energy into the underarm treatment area through a hand piece. MiraDry is the most effective non-invasive procedure because of its ability to create a permanent solution for someone suffering from the distress of excessive sweating.

Botox is another way to treat hyperhidrosis, however it is only a temporary solution. The  injections are most commonly known for treating facial wrinkles, but are also proven to be successful in blocking the chemical involved in sending contraction signals to the muscles that lead to sweating. MiraDry and Botox are the only two ways non-surgical approaches to destroy sweat glands or to disconnect the nerves responsible for excessive sweating. Botox is a purified neurotoxin that simply immobilizes nerves making it a non-permanent solution to excessive sweating. Botox can block the connection for a certain amount of time, depending on where the injections are made. Botox injections can decrease sweating up to five months, when injected into the feet, up to six months when injected into hands, and up to nine months when injected into armpits.

Dr. Rokhsar, the first physician to perform the miraDry procedure in the New York area. In a clinical study conducted by Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, medical director of New York Cosmetic Skin & Laser Surgery Center, the treatment of underarm sweating with miraDry decreased excessive sweating by over 50 percent after the first treatment, with over 60 percent decrease in odor. After the second treatment, patients reported over 95 percent decrease in the severity of their hyperhidrosis. The study entitled “A Retrospective Analysis of the Treatment of Axillary Hyperhidrosis with Novel Microwave Technology” will be presented at the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery annual meeting in Boston this weekend.

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