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Younger hands to match the face

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As we age, the skin on our hands thin (along with other parts). The hands lose the fat padding underneath the skin that gives it its full and youthful appearance. Veins and discolored skin sits unattractively on the tools we use the most. We use our hands for everything, and although our faces may be young and taut, our hands reveal our age. The skin on the hands is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the face so it needs a different kind of attention and treatment.

The three most effective steps for treating aging hands are as follows:

  1. Replacing Volume: Injectable fillers such as Radiesse or Sculptra can be used on the hands to replace volume loss. Fillers mask the hand veins and smooth wrinkles that appear across the hands.
  1. Removing Spots: Dr. Rokhsar is a leading expert in laser treatments. As a doctor who has taught more doctors on the Fraxel laser than any other doctor in the world, Dr. Rokhsar is the doctor to go to. Uneven skin caused by age spots is commonly treated with the Fraxel: Dual laser. It works deep within the skin to smooth the texture, decrease wrinkles and remove hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage. The q-switched Alexandrite laser has also been proven to create a more even skin tone. Collagen production is stimulated when using either the Fraxel: Dual or the q-switched Alexandrite. Dr. Rokhsar will recommend which laser is right for your hands.
  1. Preventing Future Damage: Hand creams can hydrate the skin and improve its texture. Cracked or dry skin can only lead to more damage, making hand moisturizing and sun protection very important factors to have younger looking hands.

NY Dr. Cameron Rokhsar is a fellowship-trained dermatologist. As a Professor of Dermatology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Rokhsar e has taught more physicians on the use of Fraxel lasers than any other physician in the world. He was involved in the development and testing of fractional lasers and has continued to teach his techniques around the world in countries such as Australia, Europe, Brazil and Indonesia.

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