Botox® is a Botulinum toxin which is a natural substance secreted by the bacterium that causes botulism, a form of nerve and muscle paralysis. Botox® temporarily blocks the release of acetylcholine, the chemical that signals muscle contraction.

Botox® can be safely used to change the silhouette of the face. Some people are unhappy with the shape of their face if it is very round and lacks in dimension.  Facial roundness can be genetic or due to habit.  Habits that cause facial roundness and jaw line broadness include clenching the jaw or teeth grinding during sleep.  Over time, this sustained muscle contraction of the Masseter muscle causes a thickened jaw line and a more masculine, rough-looking facial appearance.  Genetically, a round face is predominately found in Asian cultures, making the treat sought after by many Asian women. The Masseter muscle can be safely injected with Botox®, causing relaxation of the muscle. The muscle atrophies and becomes less prominent, creating a thinner appearance while sharpening the cheek bones. This narrows the jaw line and gives a much softer, feminine facial line.

The full effect of the Botox® injection will take up to a week because the paralysis of muscles works gradually. The effect is expected to last about three to four months before more Botox® injections are required to up keep the appearance. This non-surgical jaw line reduction procedure for slimming is considered an “off-label” procedure. This does not mean it is illegal or unsafe. The FDA has approved Botox® injections for the area in between the eyebrow line. Other “off-label” areas are for the injections are the outsides of the eyes in order to treat crow’s feet.

Dr. Rokhsar is an internationally renowned dermatologist who has exceedingly advanced knowledge and experience working with Botox injections. Using Botox to reshape the face takes a dermatologist, like Dr. Rokhsar with significant experience. Because of his fellowship training as a cosmetic surgeon, his technique is sure to leave the patient with their desired results.

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