Many people suffer from excess sweating in the hands, also known as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis affects one in five people, a condition that causes a person to perspire far beyond their body’s normal requirements to maintain a healthy temperature. This disorder causes excessive, noticeable sweating from the hands, feet, groin, and under the arms.

Botox®, most commonly known for its use in treating facial wrinkles, but is also very effective in treating hyperhidrosis. Botox® blocks a chemical involved in both sending contraction signals to muscles and releasing sweat from sweat glands. Botox® can be injected into the hands to block the sweat glands from releasing too much sweat. Prior to Botox® treatment of the hands for hyperhidrosis, you may be given a numbing cream and/or a muscle relaxer in order to maximize comfort during the injections.  Most patients have minimal discomfort.  Treatment takes less than half an hour.  After treatment, you can return to work, play, or any of your regular activities.  Dr. Rokhsar has successfully treated many patients suffering from hyperhidrosis using Botox®.

NY dermatologist, Dr. Rokhsar has found longer lasting results with the use of MiraDry, a new FDA-approved treatment that fixes both excessive sweating and the accompanying odor. MiraDry uses a thermal wave technology to manipulate the sweat glands on a long term basis that has proven effective in virtually every patient. Dr. Rokhsar still finds Botox® to be a realiable technique for creating a more youthful look on the hands.


What are the possible side effects from getting Botox® for sweaty palms and hands?

The procedure can be somewhat discomforting because of the skin’s high sensitivity on the hand. The nerve endings exemplify the injections. Dr. Rokhsar will use a topical anesthetic to ensure a smoother and more comforting procedure. The treatment has proven very successful; however there may be minor weakness of the hand right after the procedure.