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Laser Guide

Written by Dr. Rokhsar

LaserWorksOn ConditionsExtra Benefits
V-BeamRednessPort-wine stains, rosacea,
telangiectasia, broken
capillaries, scars, stretch marks,
spider veins, acne,
photodynamic therapy,
hemangioma, angioma.
Skin rejuvenation,
redness reduction.
Fraxel re:pairCollagen formationFine lines, deep lines,
pigmented lesions, moderate to
severe skin laxity.
Photodamage repair, textural
irregularity improvement.
Fraxel re:storeCollagen formationMild to moderate wrinkles
around the eyes, acne scars,
stretch marks, surgical scars,
actinic keratosis.
Skin resurfacing, photodamage
improvement, tightening, pore
Fraxel re:store DualCollagen/PigmentFreckles, pigmentation
irregularity, dyschromia, sun
Skin tightening, pore shrinkage.
Q-Switch Alexandrite / Ruby /ND YagPigmentCafé au lait macules, tattoos,
melasma, hyperpigmentation,
brown spots, freckles, birth
marks, moles.
Anti-aging, mottled skin repair,
sun damage reduction.
GentleLaseHair FolliclesUnwanted hair anywhere on the
Pigmented lesions, wrinkles,
vascular lesion improvement.
LipoLiteAdipose cellsUnwanted fat pocketsSkin tightening
ZeltiqAdipose cellsUnwanted fat
VelaShapeFat cells / Fibrous bandsCelluliteSlimming, firming, contouring.
UltheraCollagenTightening skinRaising brow, reducing excess
skin laxity.
ThermageCollagenTightening skinSoftened wrinkles and lines.
MatrixCollagen formationDeep lines, pigment, moderate to severe laxity, tone and
texture issues.
Firming, tightening.
E-MaxVascularity, collagen, pigmentLeg veins, acne, unwanted hair.Wrinkle treatment.
SmartLipoAdipose CellsMelts unwanted fat to be
removed with a cannula.
Skin tightening.


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