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Laser Guide

Laser Works On Conditions Extra Benefits
V-Beam Redness Port-wine stains, rosacea,
telangiectasia, broken
capillaries, scars, stretch marks,
spider veins, acne,
photodynamic therapy,
hemangioma, angioma.
Skin rejuvenation,
redness reduction.
Fraxel re:store Collagen formation Mild to moderate wrinkles
around the eyes, acne scars,
stretch marks, surgical scars,
actinic keratosis.
Skin resurfacing, photodamage
improvement, tightening, pore
Q-Switch Alexandrite / Ruby /ND Yag Pigment Café au lait macules, tattoos,
melasma, hyperpigmentation,
brown spots, freckles, birth
marks, moles.
Anti-aging, mottled skin repair,
sun damage reduction.
GentleLase Hair Follicles Unwanted hair anywhere on the
Pigmented lesions, wrinkles,
vascular lesion improvement.
LipoLite Adipose cells Unwanted fat pockets Skin tightening
Zeltiq Adipose cells Unwanted fat
VelaShape Fat cells / Fibrous bands Cellulite Slimming, firming, contouring.
Ulthera Collagen Tightening skin Raising brow, reducing excess
skin laxity.
Thermage Collagen Tightening skin Softened wrinkles and lines.
Matrix Collagen formation Deep lines, pigment, moderate to severe laxity, tone and
texture issues.
Firming, tightening.
E-Max Vascularity, collagen, pigment Leg veins, acne, unwanted hair. Wrinkle treatment.
SmartLipo Adipose Cells Melts unwanted fat to be
removed with a cannula.
Skin tightening.


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