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Laser Skin Surgery

Written by Dr. Rokhsar

Laser skin surgery also known as laser skin resurfacing is to treat damage skin layer by layer through laser. Laser skin surgery is generally used for minimizing the wrinkles on skin especially around the eyes and mouth. Additionally, it is used to treat uneven pigmentation or any facial disfigurement.

The laser skin surgery is carried out using a beam of laser energy which vaporizes the top layers of the injured skin at particular and controlled levels of penetration. All skin surgery treatments work effectively in a similar manner. First, the outer layers of damaged skin are removed away. During the healing process, new cells form making the skin smoother and tighter. This gives a youthful appearance as the fresh skin is formed. Laser skin surgeries are one of the most popular techniques used by plastic surgeons to get rid of unwanted skin or scars. The main advantage of Laser skin surgery is that it provides accurate results, less irritation and also there are less chances of any bleeding. However, the effects are quite similar to that of Dermabrasion or chemical peel.

In cases of sensitive skin, Dermabrasion or chemical peel may be considered as better alternative then getting a laser surgery done. Laser skin surgeries may at times carry some risk that may include burns or other injuries due to the heat of the laser energy. You can avoid such consequences by choosing a qualified plastic surgeon that is adequately trained in the procedure. Also an important factor to keep in mind is to consult the surgeon for information on after effects that may occur.

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